Gold Prices fall By Rs 380, Silver prices Jumps Rs 200

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New Delhi, 20th December 2022: Early today (December 20), gold prices fell by Rs 380, with ten kilos of 24-carat gold trading for Rs 54,110. While silver prices increased by Rs 200 and are now selling for Rs 69,500 per kg.


The price of ten grams of 22-karat gold has not changed from yesterday’s closure, according to the GoodReturns website.


10 grams of 24- and 22-carat gold are sold for Rs 54,110 and Rs 49,600, respectively, in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad.


The current prices for 10 grams of 24- and 22-carat gold in Delhi are Rs 54,260 and Rs 49,750, respectively.


Ten grams of 24- and 22-carat gold are trading in Chennai for Rs. 55,190 and Rs. 50,730, respectively.


One kilogramme of silver is now selling for Rs 69,300 in Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata, while for Rs 73,100 in Chennai.