Government releases names of all Coronavirus Positive patients in this city of Gujarat

Coronavirus pune
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Ahmedabad, April 4, 2020: To prevent the spread of corona infection, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) of Gujarat has made the names and addresses of all 36 Coronavirus infected patients’ public. Ahmedabad is one of the 10 places identified by the central government across the country where corona infection is spreading rapidly.

Officials said the names of 29 corona infected were made public by the AMC on Thursday, while the names of seven were released on Friday. A total of 38 people in the district were found to be corona infected, of whom 36 are residents of Ahmedabad city. Officials said that those who came in contact with the victims would be able to come forward after the names of the Corona infected were made public.

AMC health officer Bhavin Solanki said, “This initiative will help prevent the spread of corona infection. In general, we search for people exposed to corona infection. Once the names and addresses of the infected are made public, people will start contacting us. This will help in controlling the epidemic.”