Government’s efforts to give standard of elite language to Marathi

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Mumbai, 26.Feb.20: “The Marathi language has glorious history. The literature, culture and history of Marathi language is very huge. The Marathi is a language of strength and devotion in the true sense and we should all preserve it together. The state government will do its utmost efforts to get elite language standard to Marathi” said Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray in the Legislative Council.

The bill was introduced by Subhash Desai, the Minister of Marathi Languages, for the compulsory Teaching and Study of Marathi Language in Marathi Schools. The bill was unanimously approved at the Legislative Council. The Chief Minister was speaking at a discussion held at the time of the bill approval.

He further stated that Marathi language is very close to heart. It is the language of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and it is the Marathi language that gives the mandate. The Marathi language taught us what a society is and how to live. The language has given valuable contribution in battle of independence of India. Lokmanya Tilak raised voice against British government through his newspapers in Marathi. Great leaders like Babasaheb Ambedkar, who wrote the constitution of the country, Mahatma Phule, who presented the problems of the farmers were Marathi. These all people could do their work effectively because Marathi is the language of strength.

“Marathi language never to teach to be dominated on other languages. So there are many good things in Marathi language. It should be cherished and embraced” said Mr. Thackeray, on this occasion.

Opposition Leaders Praveen Darekar, Member Divakar Rawte, Sharad Ranpise, Hemant Tuckle and other members participated in the discussion on the bill.