Gujarat: Corona Explosion In IIT And IIM, 65 Professor-Students Found Infected

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Friyana Munshi


Gujarat, March 28, 2021: Two prestigious institutes, IIM-Ahmedabad and IIT-Gandhinagar, have been immensely affected by the new wave of the Covid-19 infection in Gujarat. The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad currently has 40 infection patients while the Indian Institute of Technology-Gandhinagar has 25 patients.


IIM-Gandhinagar said in a statement on Saturday, “The campus of IIM-Ahmedabad was almost Covid-19 free except for a few cases as of March 12. However, post this the number of infected students started increasing. Many of these do not have signs of infection.” The statement said that the first five cases of infection were reported on March 12-13.


Mehul Acharya, deputy health officer of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, said that 22 students and a professor were found infected during the investigation in the institute and have been kept in isolation. Later, 17 other people were found infected again. IIM-Ahmedabad said in a statement that students who were found to be infected were not allowed to appear in the examination. IIM-Ahmedabad is conducting free RT-PCR testing of all students and people residing there and the pace of the investigation has been increased in view of new cases.


Cases of infection are also increasing at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Gandhinagar. A spokesperson of the institute said, “25 students were found infected in the last few days. They are currently kept in isolation and the medical team is taking care of them. So far, faculty members or workers have not been found infected.” In Gujarat, 2,190 new cases of Covid-19 infection have been reported on Friday, which is the highest number of cases reported in a day so far. Currently, 10,134 patients are undergoing treatment in the state.