Gun Violence Continues in Pune: Young Man Shot and Stabbed at Yerawada

Yerwada Police Station
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Yerawada, 19th April 2024: A gang of seven individuals attacked a young man in Yerawada after a hotel operator refused to pay them. The assault took place around 2 am on Friday near Agrasen High School, where the gang physically assaulted the young man and fired two shots at him. One bullet struck him in the waist, and the gang attempted to kill the injured youth by stabbing him with Koyta in the head and back.

The city has been experiencing a series of shootings over the past four consecutive days, including incidents at Jangli Maharaj (JM) Road, Shewalwadi, and Narhe. As Koyta gangs in Pune, known for their violent acts over minor disputes, have become established, a new concern has emerged: the rise of Gun Gangs, posing a growing threat to the city. This has raised concerns about the safety of Pune, known for its educational institutions.

The young man injured in the shooting has been identified as Vicky Raju Chandaliya, a 28-year-old resident of Yerawada. A complaint was filed in the matter by his brother Rahul Chandaliya. The accused individuals have been named as Akash Satish Chandaliya, Akshay Satish Chandaliya, Aman Satish Chandaliya (residents of Range Hills), Abhishek Sham Chandaliya, Sandesh Santosh Chandaliya (residents of Yerawada), Sushant Prakash Kamble (resident of Ambedkar Society), and Sanket Taru (resident of Yerawada).

According to police reports, Vicky Chandaliya owns a hotel named ‘Vr4U Food Corner’ located in front of Agrasen School in Yerawada. Akash Chandaliya was recently released on bail from Yerawada Jail six months ago in connection with a murder case. Eight days prior, Akash Chandaliya had visited Vicky’s hotel and threatened him, demanding payment and warning of consequences if he did not comply. Since the accused Akash Chandaliya was a childhood friend, Vicky did not report the incident to the police.

In the early hours of Friday, around one o’clock in the morning, Akash Chandaliya, along with his brother and accomplices, entered Vicky’s hotel. Akash demanded money from Vicky Chandaliya, who refused to pay. In response, Akash took out a pistol and fired one shot into the air and another at Vicky. The bullet struck Vicky in the waist on the right side of his abdomen, causing him to fall.

The group accompanying Akash proceeded to beat Vicky with kicks and then attacked him with a weapon known as a koya, inflicting injuries to his head and back before fleeing the scene.

Initial reports suggest that the attack may have stemmed from a dispute within the Chandaliya family. Upon hearing the gunshots, Additional Commissioner of Police Manoj Patil, Deputy Commissioner Vijay Kumar Magar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Amol Zende, and Assistant Commissioner Aarti Bansode promptly arrived on the scene and began investigating the incident.

Police Inspector Rahul Jagdale, who is leading the investigation into the attempted murder by firing, has been reluctant to share information with the media at this stage.