Guwahati: Temple feeds stray dogs milk collected from rituals, video goes viral on the internet

Dog drinking temple milk
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Shikha Chaurasia

Guwahati, August 10, 2020: A video of a temple in Guwahati feeding stray dogs went viral on social media and netizens lauded the effort of the temple. In tough times, when the pandemic has been going on since the past 158 days, many animals have suffered a lot and are roaming hungry on the streets.

A temple in Guwahati emerged as a ray of hope for stray dogs and fed them milk collected from rituals. A video of this has been uploaded on a Facebook page called ‘Animal Matter to Me, Mumbai’.

The video is 16 seconds long and in the video, volunteers from the temple can be seen pouring collected milk from cans into elongated tin containers. Many dogs gathered around these containers for drinking milk. The video was captioned “Milk collected in temple for rituals is now morally served to feeding strays. This way many hungry tummies are fed. Bring in a change, before all changes against us. @amtmindia salutes this wave of love.”

This video has managed to gain many comments and reactions on Facebook. Netizens are very happy with this effort by the temple and have asked all temples to continue this practice. People have said that this is the right and ethical way of worship and should be made mandatory.