Women in Zomato entitled to 10 days period leaves

zomato period leave
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Pune, August 10, 2020: Taking a forward leap, Zomato on Saturday from its official twitter handle gave a cheering news to its female employees informing them that here onwards, the women including transgenders in the company can avail 10 days period leaves without any hesitation.

Zomato’s founder and chief executive officer Deepinder Goyal retweeted the tweet stating ‘Here’s to making Zomato a little more inclusive every day. Thank you to all the women leaders at Zomato for driving the change.’

He also stated that there shouldn’t be any stigma or shame attached to the period leave application process. Women should be able to tell their colleagues on internal groups or emails that have taken or are on their period leaves. Similarly, Goyal addressed the male employees in the company and told them that women declaring they are on their period leaves shouldn’t be uncomfortable for them.

However, the period leaves have been in conversations for quite some time now. This decision taken by Zomato has once again drawn attention to the issue and opened up the room for discussion. Twitteratis have expressed their opinions in the tweet thread. While, some believe women should be allowed to take leaves on their menstruation days, whereas a few have expressed that such leaves shouldn’t be granted exclusively as it can be covered under sick leave. Many have also pointed out that such a move will be considered gender-bias. Some have also raised their worry that this may also lead negatively, as many companies– big, small, start-up will look for an excuse to not hire female employees or try to recruit more men than women to avoid granting extra period leaves.