Hair Loss: A Genetic Botheration

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21 NOV 2018 : Most of the country’s population has been facing the acute problem of Hair Fall or Male Pattern Baldness but there is a rare known fact about it. The main reason behind the excessive hair fall is the fact that it is Genetic. Hereditary is the most dominant factor that contributes to the problem of Hair Fall which has been seeing an upsurge in the past few years.


The people facing this problem, 90% of them acquire this because of hereditary or genetic issues. However, there are many other reasons that accompany the problem of Hair Fall but Heredity being the most dominant one. The factors that also aggravate the problem are hormonal imbalances, low immunity, intensified stress, dietary inhabits, nutritional deficiency, sedentary lifestyles and even intake of drugs.


Pattern Hair Loss:


Pattern hair loss (or common baldness) is the main problem of a large part of the population, men and women alike. Moreover, hair thinning becomes obvious when more than 50% of the hair got succumbed to the harmful effects DHT (DiHydroTestosterone). The DHT has several physiological changes effects which is the main reason for Alopecia or balding. This generally takes place among both male and females but it is more common amongst the men.


Hair fall is very difficult process to be controlled and is generally not possible. Androgenic alopecia or the commonest form of balding follows a pattern. The hair loss starts from the temples, with receding hairlines on the crown. Variations are seen but it almost never affects the sides and the back of the scalp.


This pattern of progression and the extent and speed of male pattern baldness, is largely dictated by genetics, hormones and age.


For men, this permanent type of baldness generally follows specific patterns. Even in the most extensive cases, their always remains a horseshoe shaped fringe of hair. This donor fringe is insensitive to the balding process and shall last even for a lifetime. This is because this hair is genetically programmed in the roots or hair follicle, to be resistant to the effects of DHT (dihydrotestosterone).


Many people believe that their hair loss is due to diseases, side effects or allergies and think that Hair Fall will be completely controlled by curing the disease. But generally, that’s not the case.


The easy way to differentiate and explain the type of hair loss is by understanding the concept of Pattern Hair Loss.

Other causes of Hair Loss:

Some diseases which may affect hair loss and are not androgenic alopecia are Alopecia Areata, Globalis, Universalis, Psoriasis, Trichotillomania, Hormonal imbalances (especially thyroid) and Post chemotherapy or even due to injury (burn, surgical or accidental).


–       One should take proper nutritional and balanced diet to provide proper and nutritional benefits to the body and the hair.

–       Regular Exercise is a must as it circulates and regulates the blood circulations, body postures and prevents many diseases efficaciously.

–       Avoid use of chemical based skin and hair care products. Products based on SLS, SLES, Parabean, Dye, Sulphates should be avoided.

–       One should base their lifestyles on natural and organic products to detoxify your skin and hair naturally.

In conversation with Dr. Arvind Poswal, Hair Expert and Founder, Dr A’s Clinic.