Healing Hands Clinic introduces ‘3D Pelvic Floor Imaging’ for first time in Maharashtra

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Healing Hands Clinic has recently introduced 3D Pelvic floor imaging for the first time in Maharashtra. This facility is beneficial to patients who have fear for MRI machines. Also, precise diagnosis of constipation, incontinence and complex fistula can be done with the new facility.

Dr. Ashwin Porwal, Founder of Healing Hands Clinic and leading Colorectal Surgeon in India, said,“The procedure is patient friendly as it hardly takes 15 minutes and doesn’t need any preparation. It’s done bedside by the Pelvic floor Radiologist. We have been using it inside the operation theatre to confirm the accuracy of sphincter repair and fistula surgery immediately after surgery. This technique has definitely improved the final results.”

“Till date we have exactly diagnosed hundreds of complex fistula with 3D Imaging facility,” Dr. Porwal added.

Dr Sameer Shah, Radiologist at Healing Hands Clinic says, “Many patients suffering from constipation, incontinence & complex fistula are not diagnosed properly because of the complex anatomy and limited diagnostic options available. MRI has its own limitations as many patients have fear for MRI machines. 3D Endo Anal Imaging has emerged to be an effective solution for above challenges.

Benefits – 3D Pelvic Floor Imaging

It gives accurate 3D View of the Rectum & Anal Canal.

1) Diagnostic: This helps in exact diagnosis of Complex Fistula, Sphincter Defect.

2) Screening: It can accurately diagnosis early rectal cancer which can be missed otherwise.

3) Therapeutic: It can be used during the surgery for Incontinence (Sphincter Repair) & Fistula Repair

4) Defecography: For Diagnosis of ODS (Chronic Constipation) due to Rectocele. Thus avoiding the need for MRI (as 20-30% people have phobia to MRI)