Heavy Vehicles Advised to Travel After Noon on Mumbai-Pune Expressway to Avoid New Year Traffic Congestion

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Mumbai/Pune, 30th December 2023: In anticipation of increased traffic on the Yashwantrao Chavan Expressway (Mumbai-Pune Expressway) during the New Year celebrations, authorities have issued a request to heavy vehicle owners and drivers. Following the recent traffic congestion on the expressway during the Christmas festival, heavy vehicles have been urged to plan their journeys afternoon.

Last Saturday, the Pune Channel on the expressway witnessed the passage of 55,686 vehicles in 24 hours, while 21,135 vehicles traversed the Mumbai Pune old highway NH48. The combined route through the ghats experienced congestion due to the high volume of vehicles, leading to traffic jams.

To mitigate potential issues, the Truck Owners and Drivers Association have been advised to commence their journeys on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway afternoon. This strategy aims to reduce the likelihood of traffic jams, vehicle malfunctions, and damages. By adopting this approach, heavy vehicle operators can contribute to smoother traffic flow, save time, and avoid fuel wastage.