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High Energy Materials Research Laboratory(HEMRL), Pune and USA based Army R & D Engineering Centre (ARDEC) have recently entered into an understanding to develop environmental friendly initiatory compositions together to meet the ever increasing challenges of safety and handling of hazardous operations involved in production. of ammunition. Scientists of both laboratories will be working independently on synthesis and characterisation of various green primary compounds and sharing the information & technology for mutual benefit under the agreement.

HEMRL is a pioneer in the country, for Research and Development on energetic materials for defence applications.  Many technologies have been successfully developed since its inception and deployed in production of military arsenals. Scientific contributions made by this laboratory are highly acclaimed internationally and is recognised as a Post Graduate   Research Centre.. The lab has developed several Energetic Materials and processing technologies through several collaborative programmes.

A team of delegates from ARDEC, Dept. Of Defence, The United States of America visited this laboratory during 14th  and 15th February to discuss developments under ongoing collaborative research activities on green explosives in India and US. The knowhow developed by both the establishments on some key technologies has been exchanged. US team expressed their satisfaction on the progress made so far and assured that the collaborative work would be completed well within the time schedules. The research efforts are likely to culminate in development of less hazardous green initiatory compositions with enhanced performance.  The discussions also  included   recent advancements in low vulnerable munitions. Such collaborations play a very vital role to fill the technological gaps and cut down the long development cycles involved in evolving new energetic materials and technologies. The work being carried out under the present arrangement would pave way to develop insensitive munitions thereby enhancing the safety to the personnel involved in production, handling and operations.