Hero Electric Sells Highest Number Of Two-Wheelers; Heavy Loss To Ola, Okinawa

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Mumbai, 2nd August 2022: Hero Electric overtook Okinawa Autotech, Ola Electric, and Ather Energy in sales of electric two-wheelers (EV) in the month of July. Meanwhile, amid battery fire incidents and government probes, Ather Energy and Ola Electric are facing the biggest downside amidst customer hesitance.


According to the latest data, Ather Energy sold only 1,095 EV two-wheelers in July compared to 3,829 two-wheelers in June. Ola Electric sold 3,690 EV two-wheelers in July as opposed to 5,891 in the month of June. The company has sold 45,698 two-wheelers so far this year. Before the two-wheeler fire incidents, Ola Electric sold 12,705 EVs in April and 9,258 in May. Hero Electric topped the EV two-wheeler market in the country with 8,474 vehicle registrations, after the company sold 6,504 EV two-wheelers in June. Hero Electric has sold 52,559 vehicles so far this year, a sign of significant growth. Okinawa was second with sales of 7,717 EV 2-wheelers in July. The company has sold 54,835 electric vehicles this year (till July 30).


According to VAHAN data, Ampere Vehicles Pvt Ltd, which sold 6,542 vehicles in June, declined to 5,980 vehicles in July, taking a total of 39,769 two-wheelers sold so far this year.