Highlights from the 37th All India Postal Weight Lifting Tournament in Pune

Weightlifting at Balewadi
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Balewadi, 31st January 2024: Weight lifting tournament was held today in the “37th All India Postal Weight Lifting, Power Lifting & Best Physique Tournament”, in Pune at Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Mhalunge, Pune. 

Weightlifting generally refers to physical exercises and sports in which people lift weights, often in the form of dumbbells or barbells. In addition to participate in weightlifting sports, it is treated as exercise for developing physical strength, promoting health & fitness, developing a muscular and aesthetic physique. It is a common part of strength conditioning for athletes in many sports. When the primary goal is to develop an all-round muscular physique, this is bodybuilding. 

Such a great sport is given weightage in Postal Department’s sports tournaments also. Today on 31st Jan 2024 following tournaments of weight lifting were conducted and accomplishments are as follows:

Men- 81 KG weight group

  1. R. Sivakesava Yadav, Telangana Circle-1st Position
  2. Amit Sharama, Rajasthan Circle- 2nd Position
  3. Kameswar Nayak, Orisa Circle- 3rd Position

Men- 89 KG weight group

  1. Kapilsingh Rathore, Rajasthan Circle – 1st Position 
  2. Ghanashyam Desai, Maharashtra Circle – 2nd Position
  3. P Natesan, Tamil Nadu Circle – 3rd Position

Men- 96 KG weight group 

  1. G. Nagraju, Telangana Circle-1st Position
  2. Rajbir Dhaka, Haryana Circle- 2nd Position
  3. Ram Dayal Choudhary, Rajasthan Circle- 3rd Position

Men- 102 KG weight group

  1. Amit Kumar Sharma, Uttar Pradesh Circle-1st Position
  2. Tushar Mune, Maharashtra Circle- 2nd Position

Men- 109 KG weight group

  1. Akshay Walke, Maharashtra Circle-1st Position
  2. G P Aneesh Kumar, Tamil Nadu Circle- 2nd Position
  3. Sourabh Mehta, Rajasthan Circle, – 3rd Position

Men- Plus109 KG weight group

  1. Bhagwan Singh Shekhawat, Rajasthan Circle-1st Position
  2. Sibaram Sahu, Orisa Circle- 2nd Position
  3. Firoz Younus Khan, Uttar Pradesh Circle, – 3rd Position

Best Weightlifter: Abhishek Patil, Maharashtra Circle

Powerlifting tournament has started from today and it will continue tomorrow.