Hindutva supporters take out a march in support of the Sanatan Sanstha

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Attempts to ban Sanatan Sanstha would be opposed on the streets – Parag Gokhle

Hindutva supporters hit the streets in spite if heavy rains chanting ‘Amhi sare Sanatan… Sanatan ‘ (We are all Sanatan supporters)

Pune – “The (so-called) progressives misled the investigations in the Dr Dabholkar murder case by repeatedly pointing fingers at the Hindutwavadi organizations and the Sanatan Sanstha in particular. The then chief minister of Maharashtra Pruthviraj Chavan had openly accused the ‘right-wing organizations’ of murdering Dr Dabholkar within half an hour of the unfortunate incident. The real culprits in this case are still at large mainly because Chavan and the progressive lobby have misdirected the investigation effort. The leader of the opposition Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil is demanding ban on the Sanatan Sanstha because the Sanstha has exposed the corruption in educational institutions run by him rendering him incapable of moving around with his head high. It is shocking that demands for ban on Hindutvanishtha organizations who promote Dharma and Rashtra are made while those spewing venom against the same are going Scott free. The Sanatan Sanstha or other Hindutvanishtha organizations have nothing to do with the killings of the ‘progressives’. Even the investigative agencies have not named the Sanstha or any other Hindutvanishtha organizations. Hence, it is grievously wrong to demand a ban on the Sanatan Sanstha. In spite of this situation, if an attempt is made to ban the Sanstha, it will be opposed on the streets by Hindutvanishtha people”, said Parag Gokhle of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

He was speaking on the occasion of the march on 21 August 2018 in support of the Sanatan Sanstha. The march which began from the Maharana Pratap udyan ended at Kasba Ganesh mandir.

On the fifth anniversary of killing of Dr Dabholkar, the investigative agencies have arrested some persons allegedly associated with Sanatan Sanstha. “In view of this, certain so-called progressive and anti-Sanatan-dharma parties are putting forward their utterly prejudicial demand for a ban on Sanatan Sanstha. A firm trust has been expressed in the innocence of the Sanstha by all those who know it. Against this backdrop, a massive march was organized to protest against the probable ban in the Sanstha and unfair actions against the Hindutva supporters. 400 people participated in spite of heavy rains to show solidarity with the Sanstha. They were holding placards saying we are all staunch Hindus, not scientific ‘bhondus’ (frauds) like the MANS (Andha-shraddha nirmulan samiti). They were also holding placards pledging their commitment to bring out the truth and demanding explanation from Annis (MANS) as to why they were opposing expeditious trials in these cases. Slogans saying that Sanatan Sanstha is innocent and we are all ( with) Sanatan.We are all Sanatani!”

Dr Nilesh Lonkar, Swatantryaveer Savarkar Yuva Vichar Manch, Kedgaon, added, “Demands for ban on Sanatan Sanstha are being made due to fear of the efforts of the Sanstha towards establishment of Hindu Rashtra through their slogan of ‘Jayatu Jayatu Hindu Rashtram ‘. However, we are staunchly standing behind Sanatan. Sanatan means the ‘Ever-new’. However, today Sanatan is being misunderstood. We, nevertheless, know that Sanatani means someone trying to attain Ishwara consciousness. Dr Lonkar, thus, expressed strong support to Sanatan Sanstha.

Adv Mohanrao Dongre said, “It is the Congress, which hates Dharma and Rashtra that needs to be banned! The Sanatan Dharma is in the heart of every Dharma-loving Hindu. Sanatan Sanstha works for Dev (God), Desh (country) and Dharma. In view of the approaching elections in 2019, attempts are being made to muzzle the voice of Hindutva. The sadhhaks of Sanatan have the name of God in their hearts, thoughts and actions. How can this be banned? Banning Sanatan is like to cover the Sun. If some organization needs to be banned, it is the Dharma and Rashtra hating Congress!! ”

Adv Nilesh Nidhalkar further added, “Attempts to target Hindutva will not be tolerated! An atmosphere has been created in the country where working for Hindutva is regarded as a sin. Politicians have given birth to the concept of ‘saffron terrorism’ and it has been nourished by the media. In spite of this, we are proud to be Hindus. Innocent Hindutva supporters are being framed in the name of investigation of some killings. These attempts to target Hindutva will not be tolerated. The sadhhaks of the Sanatan Sanstha and Hindutvanishtha workers are protectors of our culture and they will be proved to be innocent in spite of the campaign of calumny by the media.”