Horror Unfolds in Ghaziabad Highrise as Stray Dogs Attack, Drag Toddler in Raj Nagar Extension

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Ghaziabad, 29th January 2024: In a harrowing incident in Ghaziabad, a highrise in Uttar Pradesh’s Raj Nagar Extension witnessed a brutal attack on a two-and-a-half-year-old girl by a pack of stray dogs.

Disturbing footage captured by a nearby CCTV camera has surfaced on social media, revealing the heart-wrenching scene as the dogs mauled and dragged the toddler into the building’s park. Miraculously, a courageous bystander intervened, chasing away the ferocious dogs and saving the child from further harm. The shocking incident unfolded within the premises of KDP society in Raj Nagar Extension.

This latest episode adds to the growing concerns surrounding stray dog attacks in the region, prompting residents to demand urgent action to address the escalating issue. The community is now grappling with the aftermath of the distressing event, emphasizing the pressing need for effective measures to ensure the safety of residents, especially young children, in Ghaziabad’s highrise neighborhoods.