How Does Numerology Influence Our Luck?

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Numerology is the kind of thing that divides people into two categories. On one side you have those who believe in its power and that even if they don’t fully understand it, it has a deeper meaning and can influence certain things in one’s life. On the other side, you have those who see it as merely a superstition.

No matter which one of them one believes in, something remains the same – we don’t fully understand numerology just yet. But what does numerology have to do with playing at a casino in India? Everything. Because if you understand it just a little bit and know how to use it to your advantage, numerology can bring you the edge you need when playing at an online casino in India and help you win.

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the belief that numbers form a sort of divine connection between people and the world around them. Each number has great significance. That’s why sometimes people notice a specific number that appears at important life events or milestones.

Each of the numbers has meaning and also has specific character traits. You can calculate numbers that tell you things about your personality, goals or life meaning by summing up the numbers of your birth dates or by assigning a number to the letters of your name.

Numerology can be used to predict the perfect time to make a change or even when it’s not the time to make any big decisions. Numerology can be used to figure out what to do in your career, relationships, and even when you’re playing in a casino in India.

Numerology in Gambling

There’s a lot to be said about numbers and gambling. Some people think they just have lucky numbers or lucky days. But since gambling is all about numbers and luck then numerology is the best thing you can use to your advantage in an online casino in India.

These are the five most important numbers in your life that you should know and use when gambling:

Your birth date – your life path
Vowels of your birth name – your soul number
Consonants of your birth name – your outer personality
Your full birth name – your destiny
Your birth name (full) + your birth date – your power number
Your personal numbers are your lucky numbers.

To get the number you are looking for you must add these numbers to a single digit and eventually add all these numbers together in order to arrive at a single number. That last single number is very important.

So when you pick the games you want to play at a casino in India, consider these numbers. You can play slots with sevens if seven is a lucky number for you, bet on your numbers on roulette, decide when to call in poker, stop at blackjack and more, all depending on your numbers.

History of Numerology

The origins of numerology, as with many other things in history, religion or philosophy, are hard to pinpoint. The earliest written records seem to be in ancient Egypt and Babylon, you’ll also find evidence of numerology in China, Rome and Greece. Anyway, thousands of years ago.

There are many historians who believe the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras to be the father of numerology. Pythagoras desired to figure out why numbers worked how they did.

He believed that if a universal language existed it would be made with numbers, and the numbers could be translated thus leading humankind to the absolute truth.

From there on in different times and cultures, things have changed, but the power of numerology has pretty much the same meaning.

Types of Numerology

The concepts of numerology are similar, but the practice can vary depending on the culture. There are several variations of numerology, but these are the main ones:

Pythagorean Numerology

Often called Western Numerology, the Pythagorean numerology is usually practised in the western world. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a numerical value from 1 to 9, and there are also some master numbers: 11 and 22. This branch of numerology focuses on your birth date and name in order to calculate the core numbers that are significant in your life.

Chaldean Numerology

The Chaldean numerology originates in Babylon and it is most probably the oldest functioning numerological system still in place. Here, each sign has a certain vibration which determines the characteristics of their number.

Kabbalah Numerology

Kabbalah numerology stems from the Hebrew culture and uses religion as its source. This branch focuses on just your name and involves 22 vibrations ranging from 1 to 400. Kabbalah numerology is at the moment the one that’s least practised because the calculations are very hard to master.

Core Numbers in Numerology

Using Pythagorean Numerology, you will be able to calculate the most important numbers of your life. Also known as the core numbers.

There are 5 calculations which will give you your full assessment of each aspect of your life. The numbers are based on your name, birthdate or both of them, and they have an influence on you and who you are.

Life Path Number

By adding the full digits of your birth month, the day and the year, you can calculate the life path number. This number can influence your opportunities and your challenges, your way of being and even the actions you take.

Expression Number

Also called the Destiny number, the expression number tells you of the strengths and weaknesses that you have had since birth. This one lets you set your life goal and see where you can thrive. It’s calculated with the numbers of the letters in your full birth name.

Personality Number

Your personality number determines the first impression people get when they meet you. It determines what parts of yourself you feel like you can reveal to others and tells you what people and situations to avoid. You can calculate it with the consonants in your name.

Heart’s Desire Number

This shows you the reasons for the choices you’ve made in your life and can help guide you to make the right decisions. The calculations are done with the vowels in your name.

Birthday Number

The birthday number is solely based on the day you were born. Depending on the day of the month when you were born, you will gain specific talents.


Not only will understanding numerology give you precious insight into your life and yourself, but you can also use its powers to influence your luck and help you win at a casino in India. Learn more about it and use it to your advantage when playing online.