Coronavirus : Three people under observation after returning from China

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Ruchita Naik
Mumbai, January 24, 2020: The coronavirus which has been identified in China causes illness from cold to acute respiratory syndromes.

The three people who recently returned from China have been kept under observation at a hospital in Mumbai. There are no symptoms identified as such but the state health ministry is keeping a check on them through telephonic supervision.

State health director Archana Patil said, “All three have recently returned from Wuhan in China. This is the third-day return from China. Although they haven’t shown any symptoms of being affected, we are keeping a check on them through telephonic supervision. They have been sent homes from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport when they returned from China.”

Wuhan was the first place to be hit by a coronavirus. The symptoms of this virus include cold, cough and difficulty in breathing.  The death toll has climbed to 26. More than 800 cases have been confirmed in Chian. Wuhan is effectively on lockdown. At least 10 cities in China have travel restrictions and shutting down of the city can stop it from spreading.