How To Choose The Best Coaching Classes

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One of the most critical decisions in a student’s life is choosing a coaching institute that is best for them, as this single decision holds the power to shape their future.

However, as easy as it may sound, selecting the right coaching classes may be a hassle for the student. Coaching is a multi-billion dollar business in India, and a proportionate amount is spent on branding and advertisements. Marketing activities are strong enough to misguide a significant chunk of students.

Here is a set of a few essential points that will help students choose the best possible coaching by neutralizing the effect of heavy advertising.

Faculty of the Institute

The first question to be asked at the admission counselling is the list of a faculty team who will take the lectures for the entire course. When a student joins a coaching class, he practically joins the faculty team. No matter how strong the brand and infrastructure are, a weak faculty team will spell doom, and there will be no one to stem the rot. The student should thoroughly go through the list of the teachers and check their qualifications and experience. It is essential to check the stability of the team. Sometimes the list may consist of good teachers, but they might have changed their organization frequently in the past. They may not be available for the entire course in such a case. Usually, students get bonded with their teachers, and the team’s shuffling is very demotivating.

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Check The Success Ratio 

Let us discuss two coaching classes, X and Y. 500 students from X qualified, whereas barely 50 managed to qualify from Y. Here X sounds far more appealing. Right? Hold on; further scrutiny will completely change the picture. Ten thousand students were preparing at X, and Y had just 200. More than the number of qualifying students, the success ratio of the class is important. A quick maths tells us that the success ratio of X is 5% whereas Y leads by a considerable margin with a whooping success ratio of 33%! Even if the institution has not produced a single topper, one should consider the track record of a higher success ratio.

National Toppers

If an institute claims the result of a national topper, then you must check whether that topper was taught by the same faculty team who will teach your batch. If the topper studied in city A and you are in city B, then it is highly likely that the topper’s teachers will never see you even once. Many times national toppers are published by multiple institutes and how this happens is best known to them.

Talk With Current & Past Students Of The Coaching Class

No matter what the management or the coaching class teachers say about their credibility, it can only be confirmed by a student who is currently studying there or by a student who was a part of the coaching class.

Demo Lectures

It is always better to attend a few demo lectures to experience the quality before one joins the class. However, those demo lectures should be conducted by those faculties who will continue to teach the respective batch. Sometimes few expert teachers take demo lectures who can attract students, but they disappear once the course commences and less competent teachers conduct the actual course.

Should Have Flexibility To Attend Online  

It will always be an advantage if the lectures are broadcasted online as well. This gives students the leniency to attend lectures from home or remote locations as and when required, especially on medical grounds or other emergencies. All good classes have video recordings of their teachers for revision.

Strength of Classes

Before joining any coaching class, one should check the strength of their batches. Joining a class with many students will result in a lack of concentration and progress. One should always look for a class where the maximum number of students is 40. A small group of people will encourage each other, and the teachers will also be able to focus better on the students’ progress.

Other standard factors

Almost all the data is available on the internet as open-source, and hence best study material and test series are available with most of the good classes. Few coaching classes try to lure students by showcasing their state of the art classroom, digital boards, mobile apps and graphical user interface etc. But these factors add hardly any value to a student’s exam preparation.

By considering these few points, a student will be able to choose the best coaching class. However, no matter how good the class is, the ultimate factor will be students’ own hard work and determination.