Is it too late to be an IITian / Top Doctor?

Prime Academy Team
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Pune, 03 May 2022: Getting into top colleges like IIT and AFMC is the aim of many science students. Lacs of aspirants across the country prepare for entrance exams like JEE/NEET for admission to these premium colleges. The proper preparation strategy helps students conquer these exams and many other entrance exams like CET, BIT SAT etc. Instead of rot learning, they should try to understand the fundamental reasoning and develop an interest in the topic.

“A good mentor introduces a concept in such a way that students fall in love with the subject. Gradually the complexity of problems is increased, and students start feeling comfortable with challenging problems. Time management skills and examination temperament is developed by attempting frequent mock tests. It is essential to keep students motivated for the entire preparation duration.” said Mr Lalit Kumar, B.Tech IIT Bombay, founder-director of Prime Academy.

Unfortunately, during covid, many students could not focus on studies but still a lot can be done. “Most of the problems in JEE/NEET are asked from 12th standard syllabus. There are still 14 months left before JEE 2023 and that is sufficient enough duration to conquer upcoming topics, provided each and every day is utilized with utmost sincerity. There have been so many cases where students strategized their studies so well that they cleared JEE/NEET even in just one year of preparation” said Mr D C Pandey, a renowned physics author and HOD of Prime Academy, Physics.

Prime Academy has launched a series of lectures for 12th standard entering students to cover up the imp concepts of 11th, which are prerequisites for 12th standard syllabus. This 2-week course will boost their confidence and make the journey of upcoming topics very smooth.

“I wanted to get into IIT, but the first year of preparation did not go well. In 12th standard, I joined Prime Academy, and there was an exponential improvement in my performance. Lalit sir’s teaching method was an amazing experience and it helped me a lot to gain confidence as I started solving challenging problems with ease.” said Shreya Ramanujam, currently pursuing B. Tech from IIT Madras.

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