How to heal the Heart Chakra with Reiki?

heart chakra
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Prachi Deshpande

Pune, 28th January 2023: So far we have learnt about the first three major chakras. Today it’s time for us to dive deep into the fourth major chakra also known as Heart Chakra.

Heart Chakra is called Anahata Chakra in Sanskrit. It rotates at a frequency that makes it look bright green in colour. Heart Chakra is located right in the middle of our chest in our energy field.

Heart Chakra governs thoughts and feelings related to unconditional love. 

When this chakra is balanced and healed we are able to experience unconditional love in the true sense, we feel compassionate and empathetic towards others and we are able to feel the same level of love and compassion for ourselves. 

Heart Chakra when healed and balanced gives us the courage to love and accept every aspect of ourselves and others.

It gets blocked due to heartache, heartbreak, the loss of a loved one or any form of betrayal that causes immense sadness and grief.

When Heart Chakra is blocked and unhealed, it makes us self-centred, needy and clingy in relationships. We start becoming demanding and codependent.

It becomes hard for us to set boundaries, and we start becoming over-givers and extremely possessive. It becomes our basic need to seek approval from others and we experience jealousy frequently. It becomes difficult to feel compassion and hence we end up becoming over-critical of ourselves as well as others. We start isolating ourselves from our loved ones because of the constant emotional pain that we feel due to sadness that stems from jealousy and over-possessiveness. 

Reiki heals the Heart Chakra very gently and makes it possible for us to experience unconditional love for ourselves as well as others. It heals the sadness that blocks the Heart Chakra.

The best way to give Reiki to Heart Chakra is by chanting the affirmation – I love and accept myself. You can repeat this affirmation 21 times while giving Reiki to the Heart Chakra and within 8-10 days you will start feeling a positive shift.

That’s all for today. In the next article, we will learn about the fifth Chakra, that is Throat Chakra, and how to heal it to express ourselves in the best possible manner. 

Prachi Deshpande

(Prachi Deshpande is a renowned Reiki Master, Mathematician and Author from Pune. She is known to help CXOs, Entrepreneurs and Students with their transformation. She conducts Reiki classes online as well as in person. She also provides Reiki healing through unique solutions like Reiki Music and Reiki paintings for homes and offices which are thoroughly developed by her and have profound effects on all the people who have used the products.)

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