IAS Mahesh Jagde Addresses Muslim Chamber of Commerce and Industries on the 4th Industrial Revolution

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Mumbai, 27th January 2024: Distinguished IAS officer and former Principal Secretary of the Government of Maharashtra, Mahesh Jagde graced the Muslim Chamber of Commerce and Industries as a guest speaker on January 27, 2024. The event aimed to shed light on the transformative impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on businesses.

The esteemed gathering included key figures such as Nisar Sagar (President), Nasir Shaikh (Vice President), and Javed (Secretary), along with other notable dignitaries from the Muslim Chamber of Commerce and Industries. Representatives from various other chambers of Commerce and Industries were also present, contributing to the richness of the discussion.

Jagde delved into the nuances of the 4th Industrial Revolution, emphasizing the importance of embracing technological advancements for business success. He provided insights on how businesses can adapt to the dynamic changes brought about by this revolution.

The event concluded with a comprehensive summary by Director Suhail Ansari, highlighting the key takeaways. A vote of thanks was extended by Nadeem Syed. Sadiq Sagar served as the gracious host, ensuring the smooth flow of the program.

All participants unanimously committed to a common goal of effectively navigating and leveraging the opportunities presented by the 4th Industrial Revolution.