Iconic ‘67th Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Mahotsav’ have started

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Pune, December 11, 2019 : Music lovers holy destination the Iconic ‘67th Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Mahotsav’ have started with anvat Raagas at the Sports Ground of the Maharashtriya Mandal at Mukund Nagar. Mahotsav is started with Kirana Gharana’s renouned vocalist Girish Sanzagiri, deciple of Pt. Firoj Dastur. He started his concert by Raag Multani. In that he performed compositions like ‘Gokul Dhaam..’, Sakhi aani de..’, Naadan pyare soche samaj naa..’. he concluded with Abhang ‘Jan vijan zale aamha…’. Accompinished by Prashant Pandav (Tabala), Prabhakar Pndav (Harmonium), Savani Laad and Aasha Mehendale (taanpura).

Followed by amazing Veena player Jayanthi Kumaresh. She started her performance with raaga Natekurunji in Aadi Taal. Followed by Raaga Kirvaani. In that she performed aalap, taanam (special made for Veena) and Pallavi. Accompinished by Vidwan Jaychandrarao (Mridangam), Trichikrishna Swami (Ghattam).

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