Illegal Occupation of Defence Land 

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The Ministry of Defence has received reports from the land management agencies under it, of about approximately 10126 acres of defence land being under encroachment.  This is around 0.58% of the total land holding of Ministry of Defence.  Reports and complaints on the subject are received from time to time but no centralized record of such complaints is maintained by the Ministry.  Action against encroachment is taken under the law viz. Public Premises (Eviction of unauthorised occupants) Act, 1971 and Cantonment Act 2006.  In addition action aimed at prevention, detection and removal of encroachments, is an ongoing process.  As a result of these efforts extent of defence land, recorded as illegally occupied or encroached has reduced by approximately 2512.83 acres in the last three years.

Directorate General Defence Estates (DGDE) in the Ministry of Defence maintains a comprehensive data bank of defence land across the country.  The details of total area of land under the ownership of Ministry of Defence, State-wise is as under:-

State Area (in acres)
Andaman & Nicobar Islands 8166.39
Andhra Pradesh & Telangana 39735.03
Arunachal Pradesh 4787.39
Assam 25493.31
Bihar 11925.44
Chandigarh 176.25
Chhattisgarh 1582.41
Dadara & Nagar Haveli 0
Daman & Diu 196.00
Delhi 11628.55
Goa 3025.58
Gujarat 24807.00
Haryana 37211.36
Himachal Pradesh 8096.65
Jammu & Kashmir 22338.51
Jharkhand 7713.62
Karnataka 33124.71
Kerala 5279.40
Lakshadweep 39.85
Madhya Pradesh 231073.96
Maharashtra 138802.10
Manipur 1294.41
Meghalaya 4029.40
Mizoram 0.21
Nagaland 551.28
Odisha 18015.72
Pudducherry 20.38
Punjab 78329.18
Rajasthan 821186.68
Sikkim 3078.07
Tamil Nadu 21233.46
Tripura 2679.51
Uttar Pradesh 123309.97
Uttrakhand 27168.07
West Bengal 40955.70
             Total 1757055.54

All Defence land is earmarked for Defence purposes.  To ensure proper utilisation of Defence land periodic Defence Land Audit is carried out.  In addition the Government has constituted a Committee to inter alia suggest ways to optimise use of Defence land.