Imran Khan Reflects On Past Successes And Setbacks As Fans Hope For A Comeback

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Mumbai, 17th August 2023: Fans of Imran Khan often express their longing for the “era of Imran Khan Bollywood romcoms.” The actor has captivated audiences with his charming boy-next-door persona in movies such as Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Meri Brother Ki Dulhan, Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, and notably, his outstanding performance in the action-comedy Delhi Belly. Despite taking a significant step back from acting after Katti Batti, a film co-starring Kangana Ranaut, Imran recently hinted at his return in a comment on Zeenat Aman’s Instagram post. He has now responded with gratitude to a fan’s spoken piece about him.

For those unfamiliar, poet Ishpreet Balbir crafted a heartfelt piece discussing Imran Khan’s resurgence within the context of likes on his comment. The piece conveyed, “In a world where Imran Khan needs a million likes to create a movie, and where the thought of watching I Hate Love Stories crosses couples’ minds on movie dates, perhaps we’ve transformed the world into a realm where love is quantified, where validation is represented by numbers.”

Imran Khan’s comment emerged as one of the most prominent within the thread. He explained, “The truth is, a million likes were never the focal point.” I chose that number as it seemed unattainable, and knowing it would likely never happen, I could withdraw silently, without explanation. I didn’t anticipate all of you embracing it and carrying it forward… After all this time, I never thought anyone would still care enough to reach out and tell me they believe in me. Your affection is truly humbling.”

Recently, Imran alluded to his return in a comment on Zeenat Aman’s latest Instagram post. A fan expressed her anticipation for Imran Khan’s comeback. In response to her comment that read, “Zeenat Ji ne bhi comeback Karelia, patani mera @imrankhan kab karega” (Even Zeenat Ji has made a comeback, who knows when my @imrankhan will), the actor surprisingly replied, “Chalo Aditi, let’s leave this one to the internet… 1M likes and I’ll make it happen.” He also shared Zeenat’s recent Instagram post on his story with the caption, “Taking notes on how to make a comeback from Zeenat Ji.”

Despite initial commercial success, Imran faced setbacks with films like Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola and Katti Batti. He did make a directorial comeback in 2018 with the short film Mission Mars: Keep Walking India, though he did not continue a career in directing thereafter.