From Comedy To Controversy: Govind Namdev Challenges ‘A’ Rating For ‘OMG

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Mumbai, 17th August 2023: OMG 2, featuring Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi, made its debut in theatres on August 11 and has been delighting audiences with its content. The movie delves into the realm of sex education, leading to its classification as an ‘A – Adult Only’ film by the Film Certification Board. In a recent development, Govind Namdev, who reprised his role as Pujari in OMG 2, expressed his thoughts on Facebook regarding the certification process. In his extensive post, he raised queries about why the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) had bestowed an ‘A’ rating instead of a ‘U/A’ rating to the Akshay Kumar starrer.

Namdev’s post pointed out, “OMG, O MY GOD has been released after undergoing 24 censorship alterations, yet it received a senseless ‘A’ certification, supposedly to prevent teenagers—the target audience—from viewing the film.” He further critiqued CBFC’s decision-making by contrasting it with another film, stating, “The intellectual engagement that the censor board should have applied to a film like ‘Adipurush’ was strangely funnelled into slicing and dicing a thought-provoking and progressive film like ‘OMG 2’.”

Namdev concluded by emphasizing the societal significance of ‘OMG 2’, advocating for a reconsideration of the certification. “It would be prudent if the Censor Board reevaluated its stance, perhaps awarding a ‘U/A’ certification to encourage a positive revolution for the advancement of our youth,” he wrote.

For those unfamiliar with the context, ‘OMG 2’ underwent a review process by the Central Board of Film Certification in July of this year. This decision was made a month after the release of ‘Adipurush,’ which faced considerable backlash from viewers. The review process for ‘OMG 2’ was prompted by the desire to preempt any backlash similar to that experienced by ‘Adipurush’ in June 2023. Ultimately, ‘OMG 2’ was granted an ‘A – Adults Only’ certification, accompanied by 27 alterations and various adjustments.

Notably, ‘OMG 2’ has been enjoying positive feedback from the audience, successfully crossing the 70 crore rupee mark at the box office.