India 4 Kashmir – Common Indians initiate movement to reclaim Kashmir

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Pune, Maharashtra: The first Global Think Tank Conclave of India 4 Kashmir movement was successfully held at Pune on 29th June 2019 and attended by an overwhelming number of people from across the country. They reiterated the need for all Indians to work towards a ‘One Nation Movement’ to reclaim the lost ground and rehabilitate common Indians in Kashmir with dignity and pride.

India 4 Kashmir is a Pan-India movement to highlight and set the right narrative about the Kashmir problem. They believe that every Indian is a stakeholder in Kashmir and every Indian must proclaim his/her right of the same. The movement further demands the abrogation of article 370/35 A from J&K which will pave the path for true integration of J&K with the rest of India. It also supports the creation of a separate homeland for Kashmiri Hindus who have been ethnically cleansed from the valley by Islamic terrorists. Among its other demands is the restoration of temples in the valley that has been burnt and illegally occupied by terrorists and land mafia.

India 4 Kashmir conclave was powered by Global Kashmiri Pandit Diaspora (an umbrella organization for all Kashmiri Hindu Organizations). The conclave started with a welcome address by Rohit Kachroo, who additionally hosted the conclave. The distinguished guests then illuminated the lamp; post which the keynote was delivered by Moti Kaul, Chairman GKPD-PSC.

He spoke about the need in government policies, regarding the problem of Jammu and Kashmir and informed the conclave that the present government is very serious about setting the order right in the valley and bring to book the culprits of Kashmiri Hindu massacre.

Next session was conducted on Accession & Roots of Terrorism in Kashmir by Padamshree Professor K N Pandita. He spoke about the role of the global Islamic fundamentalist support and aid to the Kashmir insurgency and said, “What is happening in Kashmir is not different from what is happening across all Muslim Countries, and you cannot view the Kashmir problem in isolation.”

Speaking on the occasion, Meenakshi Sharan, a History Buff & promoter of Indian crafts and also a well-known social media influencer made a presentation on the history of Kashmir. She highlighted the fact that Kashmir’s connection with India goes back to the pre-Maha Bharata era and Kashmir has had Hindu kings for more time than the Islamic rule of the last 700 years.

The third session in the conclave was about Desecration of Temples in Kashmir & India and while presenting data and information about the topic, Rati Hegde, who is a well-known author and writer on spirituality appealed to the government of India to restore all such temples across the country. She also appealed to common Indians to come forward and ensure worshipping at these temples again.

There were prominent personalities and a large number of activists from the Kashmiri Hindu community attending the Conclave. Among them was the Founder & Director of Radio Sharda 90.4 FM, Mr. Ramesh Hangloo. Radio Sharda is an FM radio channel been run from Jammu which promotes Kashmiri culture, music, and language. He spoke very passionately about the plight of Kashmiri Hindus and why the government needs to do more than what it is doing right

now. His speech was applauded several times by the audience and he went on to say, “Kashmir is not just a piece of land but the cradle of civilization which runs in India and the world”.

The session also was presided over by Shefali Vaidya, who is a prominent writer and a social media influencer. She spoke of the need for the larger country to learn the tactics of the Jihadi mindset and take the Kashmir insurgency as a case study to avoid many such instances across the country. Also, a panel discussion was conducted by Ritu Rathaur who is a well known face on the News TV debates on Kashmiri Hindu Genocide and why the mainstream media does not talk about it. She also spoke about lessons that India can take from the Kashmiri Hindu Genocide.

Post lunch there was a brief session of survivor stories by Kashmiri Hindu Youth about their traumatic experiences.

The audience was particularly moved by the story of Vikas Raina who lost his father to the bullets of the terrorists as he tried to go back to the valley in 1997.

The second half of the conclave was also presided over by prominent personalities from the Flim Industry, Spiritual Guru Sadhguru Dr. Charudatta Pingale and Advocate Vibhor Anand. Addressing the conference, Mr. Ashoke Pandit, who is a renowned filmmaker and a Kashmiri Hindu said, “Kashmiri politicians are the best actors in the world and we cannot trust them to build India in Kashmir”. He warned the government to be aware of their nefarious designs as they are the ones under whose directions the pot of issues keeps boiling. He highlighted the nexus of the separatist and Kashmiri political class in the valley.

The conclave was also addressed by renowned movie producer/director Vivek Agnihotri. He wondered why Kashmiri Hindus who were forced to leave their homes called Migrants. Vivek is currently making a movie on Kashmiri Hindus and promised the gathering to do justice to the subject.