Indian Army: 37th Judge Advocate General Department’s Corps Day

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Pune, December 21, 2020: On the occasion of 37th Corps Day, of the Judge Advocate General Department (JAG), Lieutenant General C P Mohanty, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief Southern Command conveyed his appreciation and best wishes to the officers and staff of the Department and exhorted them to keep working with uncompromising integrity, utmost dedication and selfless commitment to the cause of justice in the Army. 

The JAG Department is responsible for rendering advice on all legal issues to the Commanders at all levels of the Indian Army so as to assist them in the exercise of their power on all legal and disciplinary matters which is most important for strengthening the discipline in the Army. 

The spirit of the JAG Department motto “Nyaya Eva Dharma” acts as the guiding beacon to uphold the Rule of Law. This Department is also the interface to represent the Army in all legal institutions of the nation be it Supreme Court, High Court and other lower courts as well as steer the court martials conducted in the Army in a legal and just manner