Indian martial artists smash record for most layered bed of nails

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A team of strong and incredibly-daring martial artists have broken the world record for the Most layered bed of nails at an event in Kerala, India.

For this painful and potentially dangerous challenge, the man at the bottom lies on a bed of nails and a single layer of nails facing upright is placed between each person that is added to the human tower.

The completed formation has to be held for a minimum of one minute once the top bed and weight has been placed on the last person forming the top layer.

K.V Saidalavi, Shafeeq Oravil, K.P Gireesh, T.Navas, P.P Muhammed Haris, A.V Abdul Latheef and K.V Muhammed Ajesel successfully achieved a new record with a total of seven layers.

Previously the most layered bed of nails was four and was achieved in Ohio, USA back in 2000.

Team leader K.V Saidalavi has been a professional martial artist for 27 years and he wanted to take on this challenge to promote the sport.

He is an expert in a range of disciplines including karate, kung fu, taekwondo and kalari – and now he is a world record holder too.

Mr Saidalavi told us that he was honoured to be awarded with a Guinness World Records title.