Indian Railway Takes Major Step For Safety Of Women Passengers

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New Delhi, 21 March 2021: Railway Protection Force (RPF) DG Arun Kumar has issued an order to the officials to demolish the abandoned platforms, yard and adjoining structures to curb crimes against women. The order calls for the immediate demolition of buildings lying away from platforms and yards, empty quarters, platforms, where there is no security and movement. Until these are demolished, the duty staff will continue to monitor those places regularly especially at night.

Along with this, a database of accused people involved in criminal activities against women on the railway premises will also be prepared. The order said that all the post commanders should take details of crimes against women including rape in the last five years and review the data. Railway personnel should have a picture of the culprits involved in such crimes. The DG said that a reliable and long-term plan should be formulated based on data inquiry.

Long-term plans will include basic infra reforms, installation of CCTVs and other aspects of security. The officials have also been asked to take steps such as keeping an eye on the female coach and keeping the security personnel stationed at the time of arrival and departure of the train. It also asks to ensure that the WiFi available on the railway platform is not used to download porn.

The DG said that an action plan should be prepared based on data analysis and should be classified as a short-term and long-term plan.

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