Indian Railways fits specially designed aerators in basin-taps of Tejas Express as a step towards water conservation 

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Conservation of water in enroute consumption is not only an effective way to avoid enroute watering complaints in coaching trains but is also a small but significant step in conserving the precious resource of water. Bhusawal Division of Indian Railways has fitted specially designed aerators in available basin-taps of Tejas Express (Train No. 22119/22120) as a step towards conservation of water. The aerators through their fine pores break the stream of incoming water into fine water sub-streams. Hence, while the outflowing water is sufficient for utilisation towards cleanliness, the aerators prevent wastage of water by reducing excess water flow.

The aerators are to be fitted as a one-time measure and have been fitted in existing taps of Tejas Express (22119/22120) without any modification or replacements of available taps. The initiative reduces water consumption of each tap by 1/4thand hence is a significan