Indian Sikh Community Raises Concerns: Khalistan Issue Overshadowing Tradition Of Hospitality And Philanthropy

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New Delhi, 14th August 2023: The issue of Khalistan is being exaggerated, as perceived by Indian Sikhs who are displeased with how the separatists’ radical methods are undermining the community’s reputation, as reported by sources within the intelligence community.

Sikh factions believe that their tradition of hospitality and philanthropy is overshadowed by the violent actions of Khalistan supporters, according to insider accounts. Despite being a minority in various parts of the world like the United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), Germany, France, and Canada, the Sikh community has successfully assimilated into these societies. Nevertheless, they express a concern that due to the absence of effective leadership, those involved in abusive and harassing behaviour have taken the forefront, as revealed by intelligence sources. These alleged leaders exclusively advocate for separation, devoid of any connection with the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scripture. Observers within the community feel that these individuals are never seen reciting a single verse from the sacred text, as relayed by these sources.

Sikhs residing in other regions of the world report instances of being targeted or threatened by aggressive Sikh activists, citing experiences of abuse, intimidation, and derogatory labels like “traitors,” “impure,” “nastic” (infidel), and “patients” (heretics), according to the same sources.

The ascendance of the extremist fringe within the pro-Khalistan ideology is casting an adverse impact on Sikhs in foreign countries, tarnishing their image in the process. Moderates within the community express the sentiment that their host countries don’t treat them with due respect. They apprehend that the ongoing confrontations against India and the lack of respect towards leaders and symbols might eventually foster a hostile environment, a development they are not inclined towards, as articulated by these sources.