India’s First QR Code-Based Personal Identification Kit for Emergencies Now Available for Punekars

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Pune, 2nd June 2024: Scan2Save, India’s first QR code-based Personal Identification Kit for Emergencies (P.I.K.E), is designed to provide vital information and improve response times during emergencies. It works on three main principles critical in emergencies: Identification, Information, and Notification.

Scan2Save stickers can be placed on any hard surface, such as vehicles (two-wheeler or four-wheeler alike), helmets, or the back of phones. Once scanned, they provide basic information about the person, such as name, age, blood group, and any existing medical conditions. Simultaneously, it triggers messages through WhatsApp and SMS to the person’s emergency contacts, ensuring they are alerted about the situation immediately. Additionally, it helps locate the nearest hospitals or clinics within a 5 km periphery.

The objective behind this initiative is to enhance the emergency response process by providing innovative technology solutions that can help save lives. The Scan2Save team is dedicated to developing adaptive tools and systems that enhance the capabilities of emergency personnel, improve coordination among end-users, and ultimately reduce the impact of mishaps.

Gagandeep Gujral, Founder and CEO of Scan2Save, said, “The biggest problem accident victims incur is the reluctance of bystanders to help. Most people just watch or are scared to come forward. With the Scan2Save emergency ID kit, a person just needs to locate the sticker and scan it. This will start the Identification, Information, and Notification process, allowing the person who scans it to access basic information about the victim and send SMS and WhatsApp alerts to the victim’s emergency contacts along with the location of the incident. As a Good Samaritan, the individual has done their part and acted responsibly. This small action can help save a person’s life.”

“At our core, we recognize the importance of every second in emergency situations. We are committed to developing and deploying advanced technologies that enable swift and efficient responses, thereby enhancing the chances of safety and well-being of individuals and communities in times of crisis. By harnessing the power of technology, we aim to revolutionize emergency response practices, making them faster, more effective, and more inclusive.”