India’s G20 Leadership Sends A Strong Message To The World

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New Delhi, 17th July 2023: India’s ongoing presidency of the G20 is set to accomplish nearly 150 meetings by the end of July, with the active participation of over 15,000 delegates. The meetings have been strategically spread across 50 cities, making it the largest event hosted by any G20 presidency in terms of geographical coverage.

Government officials have highlighted the significance of India’s G20 presidency, presenting a challenging task for the countries that will succeed it, such as Brazil. The successful G20 meeting in Jammu and Kashmir has also sent a strong message to the world, as a senior government official stated.

The highlight of India’s G20 presidency will be the Leaders Summit on September 9 and 10 at Delhi’s renovated Pragati Maidan complex. By the end of its presidency, India will have conducted more than 216 G20 meetings across 60 cities nationwide, complemented by nearly 200 cultural events.

Before India, the Indonesian G20 presidency had approximately 180 meetings scheduled in over 20 cities. The Brazilian envoy to India has expressed admiration for India’s efforts in its G20 presidency, setting high standards for the upcoming presidency.

India’s G20 chief coordinator, Harsh Vardhan Singla, noted the progress made so far, surpassing the halfway mark with 120 meetings held by May 31. In March, India hosted the largest-ever gathering of foreign ministers. The initial ambitious goal of organizing over 216 G20-related meetings in 60 cities seemed challenging, but with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s confident leadership, India has achieved significant milestones in the first six months of the presidency.

Singla emphasized India’s commitment to uniting the world on global issues with a human-centric approach, reflecting PM Modi’s vision. The focus on unity and oneness has been a defining aspect of India’s G20 presidency, with more tangible outcomes expected in the future.

India has introduced a new work stream for disaster risk reduction and established an engagement group on Startup20 as part of its initiatives. The country has also been an advocate for the Global South. The G20 meeting on tourism in Srinagar is expected to boost visitor numbers to the region from all countries.