Innovate Revamp Education System for Skill and Development 

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India’s current education system followers on an aged and outdated concept. We all have been following this concept since independence. Our erstwhile educationists could only visualise provisioning education up to graduation level. Children enter L.K.G and continue following a laid down system till they are old enough to understand their career requirements. It has been repeatedly heard that children especially in rural areas have been dropping out of school either at a very early stage or at some stage in their lives. Coupled with this is the fact that the school curriculum/ syllabus does not provide much scope for meaningful activities that supplement bookish knowledge. Students continuing further into their schooling are mostly mentored by parents, teachers or their peer group. Seldom do they know or understand the grind that they undergo till their 12th. The latter brings all their capabilities to the fore which is also pretty hyped up by the media, parents, teachers et al. Those successful in “beating” the exam with higher marks look forward to create a niche for themselves in the world of professionalism. In order that students score in professional exams such as JEE & NEET and also aimed at business profits, countless coaching centres have been mushrooming across the country. The 12th board exams fall well-short of providing adequate standards of education to students for appearing in professional competitive exams. If the students have to undergo the grind of appearing for professional competitive exams then the necessity of 12th board exams becomes redundant. It is a sheer waste of finances, energy and precious time to reinvent a wheel with both. It would be better for the students to follow a certain set-up i.e., either the school or coaching institutes. It is but cruelty to expect the students to perform well in both of them. We are only churning out human machines by these standards. In order that our children are better equipped to handle everyday responsibilities in a professional manner it becomes highly necessary that the entire education system innovates itself immediately. This would lead to a complete revamp of the current relic that we have been following. Instead of churning out human machines we should focus our capabilities into skilling them as per their intellects. This would ensure that we have better prepared workforce capable of taking up any tasks. It would also further ensure a satisfied society capable of all-inclusive development.