International Paramedical Micropigmentation Masterclass Concludes in Pune

International Masterclass certification ceremony
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Pune, 23rd May 2024: The four-day International Paramedical Micropigmentation Masterclass hosted by PMUnicorn International concluded successfully at The Westin, Pune. This event brought together permanent makeup professionals and doctors from across India to enhance their skills in the field of semi-permanent camouflage.

The masterclass was led by Melinda Gaspar from Budapest, Hungary, a globally renowned authority in paramedical micropigmentation. She introduced over a dozen Indian participants to her specialized HelpINK technique of semi-permanent camouflage. This technique provides an alternative solution for individuals suffering from cosmetic concerns of scars due to operations, surgeries, or skin discoloration from autoimmune conditions like vitiligo. It also addresses stretch marks and aids in the restoration of areolas for breast cancer survivors post-surgery by implanting high-quality pigments into the upper layers of the skin.

Organized by PMUnicorn-International, the academic wing of Pune-based Dermakraft- Integral aesthetic clinic, the event saw attendance from doctors and permanent makeup professionals across India. “This masterclass is part of our ongoing efforts to raise awareness and build capacity in the field of paramedical micropigmentation across India,” said Dr. Gaurav Raj Chhabra, founder of Dermakraft. “Following the success of our first edition in Chandigarh last year, many participants have integrated the advanced techniques in their practice, offering valuable solutions for challenging skin conditions.”

The masterclass provided comprehensive training over three days, covering case studies, color theory, live demonstrations, and hands-on practice with live models. “Detailed study and exposure are essential to mastering new skills. Despite already being practicing doctors or permanent makeup artists, the participants’ openness to learning advanced techniques brought them to this masterclass,” added Varsha Sanwale, Managing Director at Dermakraft and event host.

Micropigmentation, a specialized form of cosmetic tattooing, is used for cosmetic and restorative purposes, including permanent makeup, scalp micropigmentation, and paramedical procedures. While not a cure, it camouflages skin issues, offering clients a sense of security and confidence. The techniques, popular worldwide for many years, are now gaining traction in India, thanks to focused efforts by Dermakraft and international training sessions like this one.

“I loved the enthusiasm of all the participants in my masterclass. They were keen to learn every detail of the process and technique. I see immense potential for such treatments in India, and I hope the participants will provide the best paramedical micropigmentation services to their clients, helping them regain confidence,” said Melinda Gaspar. Her partner at GM PMU Academy, Zsolt, emphasized the importance of customizing treatments to suit skin type variations globally and ensuring participants have basic training in permanent makeup to understand the advanced skills well.

Melinda Demonstrating her HelpINK technique to Indian Professionals
Melinda Demonstrating her HelpINK technique to Indian Professionals

Dr. Lakshmi, a dermatologist from Hyderabad and a masterclass participant, noted, “Clients today are well-informed about such procedures, and the demand is growing. Great training ensures that clients receive the best possible care.” 

The masterclass concluded with training on the restoration of 3D areola using the micropigmentation technique for breast cancer survivors, showcasing the participants’ exceptional artistic skills.

Sonia Rupani, an experienced PMU professional from Spain, now expanding her studios in Pune, said, “It is amazing to see international-quality masterclasses happening in India, empowering professionals to offer world-class services in paramedical micropigmentation right here in India.”

PMUnicorn aims to bring together senior professionals in permanent makeup (PMU) for advanced learning and upskilling programs. “With two successful trainings, we have set the ball rolling for paramedical micropigmentation in India, and we are confident that this will benefit numerous patients across the country, providing them with treatments from suitably trained professionals,” concluded Dr. Gaurav Raj Chhabra, underscoring the achievements of the second edition of the Paramedical Masterclass in India and the accelerating growth of this industry nationwide.