IPL playing Cupid for the Cricket Buffs

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Pune, 6th May 2022: With the IPL festivities in full swing, India’s most downloaded dating app QuackQuack surveyed 800k of its 16 million users on the effects of IPL on their dating lives. 61% of the people revealed discussing the IPL matches and their grandeur with their other half. One of the prime topics among the users has been the ill performance of the Indian players in IPL.




The Kings of Conversation


CSK, one of the top teams, has not been doing so well off late. Their substandard performance has been a key talking point among our users from Chennai.




Another one of the prime performers in IPL, Mumbai Indians, has lost its mojo. Per the survey, their poor performance is one of the issues the users from Maharashtra are discussing. They reveal contemplating the reasons for the eight lost matches with their significant others.




On a positive note, Gujarat Titans’ titanic performance has been a hit among the users from Gujarat. The male users from Ahmedabad, Surat, and Raipur are tapping this to break ground with their potential love dates.




Finishers that were conversation starters.


Dhoni’s epic finisher was one of the most talked-about topics among users all over India. 52% of men from tier 1 cities discussed this crowd-favorite moment with their matches.


Jadeja handing over the captaincy back to Dhoni also came as a shocker, and our users are talking about it.


Another crowning blow in this year’s IPL was delivered by Rashid khan and Rahul Tewatia. According to QuackQuack’s survey, 55% of the users from Gujarat have used it to cut the first turf with new matches.




Kohli has been a ‘Virat’ disappointment


Virat Kohli, a consistent player for a long time, has suddenly ceased to perform per his potential in the recent IPL matches. QuackQuack’s survey results show that 62% of people aged between 20 and 30 are disappointed, and it is evident from the rise in discussions about Kohli’s performance among the users.




Buzz around Bowlers


Chahal and Kuldeep, the spin twin, were not selected for the international team despite their promising performance. According to QuackQuack, this did not sit well with the users. 56% of the users from tier 1 and tier 2 revealed having a long-drawn discussion about the same with their matches.


The 22-year-old Umran Mallik is the new pace sensation, and he’s stirring up some striking conversation among the QuackQuack users.




Slack in Quack


A whopping 55% of male users tend not to use the app during weekdays because they are busy watching the ongoing match. This trend has led to a dip in activity. Moreover, a game between KKR and CSK or a match in Delhi makes the activity of users living in these cities more static in contrast to the rest of India.


This drop in activity lasts from 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm on weekdays owing to the ongoing IPL tournament. The traffic rises after the game end. QuackQuack users tend to log back in after 11:30 pm and are often viewed talking about the game.




The Cricket Maniacs: Clash over Cricket


44% of the male users admitted spending little to no time with their partners because of the IPL series in progress. Moreover, the two-match routine during the weekends foiled many plans among our users. Some revealed that they have gotten into banters over the same. 28% of the female users disclosed that they were displeased with this attitude. Most of their partners spend too much time watching IPL with their friends.


QuackQuack users match from different cities. It came to attention that they supported the team from their side even if it didn’t perform so well. They confirmed never backing another team to impress their dates and getting in rows over that. Loyalty to your team over potential dates!




IPL playing Matchmaker


QuackQuack caters service to the singles just the same. The trend shows that they are getting the platform to meet people with similar interests in the ongoing IPL tournament. 48% of the single users between 21 and 28 disclosed hitting new matches based on their favorite teams, favorite players, and even identical dislikes about the game.


The male users are spotted explaining the new format of IPL to the female users. Some even admitted that they copped the chance and got themselves a date.




Bonding with Boo!


Survey trend shows the IPL tournament gave the existing couples a talking point As humans, we are generally more drawn to people who share our interests. 46% of the users aged 21 to 27 aired that discussing IPL is not just about the game, it is more of a bonding experience. Male users commented that the equal enthusiasm about the tournament between them and their partners has brought them closer. Some couples spelled out that they spent more time with each other, all thanks to IPL!