Israel Braces for Potential Direct Attack from Iran Amid Retaliation Warnings

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Tehran, 13th April 2024: Israel is preparing for a potential direct attack from Iran amid warnings of retaliation for the recent killing of a senior officer at the Iranian embassy in Damascus. Intelligence reports suggest that the retaliation could occur as soon as Sunday and could provoke a full-scale regional conflict.

US President Joe Biden has cautioned Israel about the possibility of an imminent strike from Iran but warned the Iranian government against attacking. Biden stated that an attack could happen “sooner than later” and urged Iran not to launch an assault on Israel.

Iranian retaliation against Israel may involve a combination of missiles and drones, given Iran’s current military capabilities, including a significant stockpile of ballistic and cruise missiles with a range of up to 2,000 kilometres.

In response, the US has deployed additional military assets to protect Israel and American forces in the region, including moving two Navy destroyers to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Diplomatically, the US is working to contain hostilities by communicating with Iran through a Swiss channel and engaging in talks with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other regional governments.

The heightened tensions stem from an Israeli airstrike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, which killed seven people, including two generals. Iran responded with a statement vowing to retaliate and warning that it was prepared for war.

Since the incident, Israel has been on high alert, cancelling leave for combat troops, calling up reserves, and strengthening air defences. The Israeli military has also scrambled navigational signals over Tel Aviv to disrupt GPS-guided drones or missiles.