Israeli Forces Seize Control of Hamas Parliament as Gaza Conflict Continues

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Pune, 14th November, 2023 – Israeli forces have reportedly taken control of the Hamas Parliament building in Gaza, as shared on social media by the Israeli Army’s Golani Brigade. The Palestinian Legislative Council, previously under Hamas control since 2007, is now in the hands of Israeli forces.

This development comes on the 39th day of the Israel-Hamas War, with ongoing fighting in Gaza. The conflict has forced around 23 lakh people in Gaza to evacuate their homes for safety. The war, which began on October 7, has resulted in over 11,000 Palestinian casualties.

Israel claims to have surrounded Gaza City and captured the Hamas Parliament. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant stated that Hamas has lost its 16-year control over the Gaza Strip, with Hamas fighters reportedly fleeing southward. Galant mentioned that Palestinian citizens are looting Hamas bases, expressing a lack of faith in the Hamas government.

Israel asserts that the war will continue until all Israeli citizens captured by Hamas are released. The Israeli army is engaging in a side-to-side battle, having previously divided Gaza into North and South regions. According to Gaza government figures, among the casualties, 4,630 children and 3,130 women have died, with 29,000 more injured.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the war will persist until the destruction of Hamas, emphasizing it as a sustained effort to eliminate the threat posed by the terrorist group. Netanyahu warned that failure to do so may result in the group’s resurgence.

Amid the conflict, reports indicate dire humanitarian conditions, with power cuts and lack of medical supplies leading to deaths, including six newborns, at Al-Shifa hospital in northern Gaza. The Israeli Army reported targeting a group of Hamas fighters in Gaza’s Al-Quds Hospital. The situation remains tense, with ongoing battles and humanitarian concerns in the region.