Jarange Patil’s Hunger Strike Enters Third Day, Government’s Response Awaited

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Jalna, 11th February 2024: Today marks the third day of Manoj Jarange’s hunger strike, where he has abstained from consuming even a drop of water. Jarange, advocating for the immediate implementation of the government’s ordinance regarding Maratha Reservation, has once again resumed his fast to death at Antarwali Sarati. Notably, he has refused any form of treatment, leading to a decline in his health since yesterday.

Having previously protested for the Maratha reservation, Jarange escalated his efforts by directly targeting Mumbai last month. Although the government responded by issuing an ordinance promising reservation within fifteen days, Jarange alleges non-compliance even after the stipulated period. Consequently, he recommenced his hunger strike on February 10 at Antarwali Sarati in Jalna.

Jarange’s deteriorating health prompted medical officers to intervene on Sunday, yet he adamantly declined treatment. This refusal has exacerbated the government’s predicament, as they struggle to engage with Jarange amid his declining health.

Antarwali Sarati witnesses renewed crowds as Jarange’s hunger strike gains momentum once again. Supporters from various districts, including Jalna, flock to meet him. However, his deteriorating condition has rendered him uncommunicative since yesterday.

Despite the lack of government outreach, there are speculations of potential discussions with Jarange today. Additionally, a scheduled press conference by Jarange Patil remains unattended due to his health issues.

Jarange’s health history intensifies the seriousness of his situation. Persistent fasting risks severe consequences: energy depletion, muscle wasting, and organ damage due to nutrient deficiencies. Electrolyte imbalances can cause heart irregularities and seizures. Urgent medical and psychological intervention is crucial, emphasizing safer alternatives to extreme fasting.