Kalakari Film Festival supports for Women Films and female filmmakers to showcase uncovered cinema to world

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Pune, 1st October 2021:  500+ Women’s movies will be exhibited at Kalakari Film Festival 2021 by Rishi Nikam. With 500+ women films, Kalakari Film Festival is providing an international platform to women Indian and international. Filmmakers and directors recognizing the work of women occur through the Kalakari Film Festival.

Throughout the most recent years, discussions about equivalent compensation and opportunity have blended extremely past due banter in the Film industry. The Kalakari Film Festival is taking steps towards getting their female talent recognised, particularly if they’re behind the camera rather than in front of it. For as long as there have been movies, there have been women making them

The 2021-22 edition of the international Kalakari Film Festival by Rishi Nikam (KFF) will promote movies by 500+ women filmmakers at this year’s festival. These movies will be in English, Hindi, Marathi and other regional Indian languages.

Art is a medium through which we can pass on significant messages. Kalakari Film Fest is a stage that gives this extraordinary chance to all artists, especially women filmmakers and female films. ” Kalakari Film Festival ” all members will get an opportunity to feature their work of art at occasions around the world.
 Rishi Nikam, Founder of Kalakari Film Fest said that the primary target of this occasion is to give a stage to the Women filmmakers of India who don’t have a medium to show their ability and workmanship on an overall level. In this way, Kalakari assists with spreading Indian artwork. We are an incredible group with extraordinary members Priya Yadav and Aditya Itoriya