Muhurat  ceremony of Sirf Ek Hindi film concluded in Pune

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Pune, 21 September 2021: “Sirf Ek” is a crime genre film which throws light on the impact of technology on our lives and its advantages and disadvantages and the increasing tendency of juveniles towards crime. The Muhurat function of the film Rising Teenagers was held in Pune today.

Sirf Ek film is directed by Rahul Panashikar, presented by Rahul Graphics.

Actress Leena Jumani, Actors Mahesh Saini, Sujit Deshpande, Anuj Prabhu, Devanshi Dhamankar, Ashutosh Paranjpe, Photographer Radhakrishnan Chakyat  etc. who are part of the leading cast of Sirf Ek, were also present for the Muhurat ceremony of the film ‘Sirf Ek’.

Technology has entered our lives in every way. It has many advantages as well as some disadvantages. During the Covid crisis of the last two years, computing has helped all of us at different levels in many ways. Children had to school online. With this, a social media gallery became easily available in the hands of teenagers through computers and mobile phones. The dependence of the society as a whole on all these mediums has increased significantly. In this period, the rapidly growing journey of teenage youth from direct friendship to virtual friendship is very dangerous. Initially, through just a simple online friendship and chatting to the novices who are unknowingly attracted to sexting, the number of horrific crimes that follow is increasing rapidly in the society. Crimes are increasing in every single sector of the society. We have been seeing it growing around us as well. In this young children are also being harassed mentally and physically…. Such news is constantly coming to our ears, which are appearing on television. “Sirf Ek” is a film that throws light on this type of crime. Film is an effective medium through which it aims to bring engaging story to the people.Even though  “Sirf Ek” i is being made in Pune, but this story can happen anywhere in the country and from anyone’s house, that is why it will make people think on this subject, is sure director Rahul Panshikar.