Kalyani Technoforge acquires leading Heat Treatment Facility in Pune, India

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Punekar News's photo.Kalyani Technoforge, a part of Kalyani Group announced acquisition of Indian operations of Bodycote, a leader in thermal processing services worldwide. The acquisition of Bodycote India is part of Kalyani Group’s strategy to venture into Commercial Heat Treatment, Surface Coating and Metallurgical Services on pan India basis. This acquisition will help leverage the synergy of metallurgical knowledge and technology to create niche in the market for the Group. This will be the Group’s second commercial heat treatment facility operational in Pune; the first facility having Vacuum Carburizing process start edits operations in March 2015 in Khed City, Pune.

Amit Kalyani, Executive Director, said “Bodycote acquisition will turn out to be a major successful milestone for the Groups dynamic vision. Kalyani Group with its highest repository of metallurgical knowledge, proficiency & intensive Metallurgical expertise in combination with sophisticated tools and technology of Bodycote shall turn out to be one of the strongest synergies ever”.

He also mentioned that “The transition will be seamless and services offered by Bodycote India to its customers will remain uninterrupted. This acquisition is in line with Group’s strategy for forward integration, strengthening technological edge & is a key accomplishment for Make in India Initiative.

Bodycote India operations have State-of-the-Art technology in Heat Treatment and Testing. It consists of highly sophisticated heat treatment, surface treatment and metal joining processes like Vacuum Heat Treatment, Carburizing, Nitriding, Hot & Cold Wall Plasma Nitriding, Carbonitriding, Brazing, Cladding etc. Each of these processes has its own significance & characteristic output which alters properties of material and thereby improves life and performance of the product undergoing the particular process.

Specialized surface treatment processes such as Carburizing, Plasma Nitriding, Carbonitriding find varied applications and are used for products such as high precision gears required for Transmission and Aerospace applications, crankshafts, camshafts, cam followers, valve parts, extruder screws, pressure-die-casting tools, forging dies, cold forming tools, engine parts etc., for improving surface properties and life of these components significantly.

Specialized furnace brazing allows joining of simple or complex designs of one joint or multi-joint assemblies. Vacuum brazing offers the flexibility to join a wide range of metals such as nickel based alloys, stainless steels, carbon and alloy steels. Other non-ferrous materials like aluminium, titanium and copper can also be brazed. Vacuum furnace brazing has a wide usage in Aerospace, Industrial gas turbine, Medical, Automotive, Space, Electronics, Nuclear, Offshore &Petrochemical applications.

About Kalyani Group

Kalyani Group, established in mid 1960s, is an Indian multi-national with high technology, engineering & manufacturing capability across several critical sectors such as Automotive, Power, Oil & Gas, Rail & Marine, Construction & Mining, Aerospace, etc. With end-to-end capability and manufacturing footprint across India, Germany and Sweden the Group has an annual turnover of USD 2.5 billion. Guided by visionary leadership of Mr. B. N. Kalyani, Group Chairman, with strong emphasis on market leadership through technology and it’s over 10,000 strong engineering global workforce, the group today is a market leader in all its respective business segments.

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