“Kandhaa”, a short film on decoding Drug Addiction with empathy

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Pune, June 2018: Today’s world is a fast paced one, where people have to work hard to make ends meet. Married couples who should be focusing on teaching children the values of life are working hard to finance world-class education for their little ones. In the absence of quality parenting, children are succumbing to bad influences such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. The grip of these addictions is so strong that sometimes even adolescents have to be sent to rehab centers for treatment. Does this mean that we are moving towards an unknown tragedy?

Rahul Panshikar, a filmmaker, has tried to explain this issue through his new film “Kandhaa”. The word that literally means (emotional) support is what Rahul wants to highlight through this film. The film is based on the relationship between children and parents and how children are retorting to addiction like drug abuse in search of happiness. To support the cause and the film a few renowned names from the Film Fraternity and Social Activists will be present at the screening.

Where: NFAI, Law College Road

When: 22nd June at 7pm

How: 75063 77229

Entry: Free – to pass holders only