Karni Sena Members Booked By Police For Creating Ruckus At MC Stan’s Concert In Indore

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Indore, 19th March 2023: Two Karni Sena members have been arrested by the police for disrupting MC Stan’s March 17 (Friday) concert at the Hotel Jardin Indore and raising a fuss.


The police filed a charge against the district head of the Karni Sena and several other members after receiving a complaint from hotel security. Digvijay Singh and Raj Singh were arrested by the police on March 18 (Saturday) under Indian Criminal Code sections 451, 294, 506, 427, and 34.



According to the information, Vijay Nagar, Superintendent of Police, approved the concert. According to reports, several Karni Sena members disrupted the concert on Friday and stormed the stage, urging audience members not to go to MC Stan’s shows.


They further charged the rapper with poisoning young people’s minds through his degrading music. They claimed that the rapper creates offensive music and performs it in public, contaminating the minds of the nation’s youth.