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28 th September 2018;

Mumbai: World-renowned clinical hypnotherapist, movement meditation trainer, healer, and transformational coach Kate Tyler will be visiting India to help stressed-out modern-day Indian women by introducing Danceformation, a transformational dance experience for women who want to discover new and hidden dimensions of themselves. Danceformation is a transformational dance experience specifically designed by keeping in mind Indian women which uses ancient eastern and western movement practices, contemporary mind-body techniques, therapeutic dance, and inner inquiry. Coming to India for the first time, Danceformation offers an alternative route to the healing of both body and mind, whilst also empowering women to rediscover and celebrate their femininity.
The fast-paced city life and growing pressures on Indian women to achieve career success and at the same time perfection as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend, can often result in exhaustion with little or no time to even contemplate what our own body and mind needs. With an aim to help modern day women to gain deeper self-confidence, Kate designed this program to awaken hidden potential by using Dance as a medium of expression. “For me, dance has always been a passion, ever since I began choreographing, competing and performing in dance shows as a child. It was a beautiful way for me to go inward when life outside was difficult, chaotic or confusing. Dance is a very powerful form of meditation and prayer, as well as beneficial for physical and mental healing”, says Kate Tyler, Creator of Danceformation.

Now women across India are being invited to try the benefits of Danceformation for themselves by taking part in one of a series of non-residential weekend workshops or retreats. “I believe that our wounds are our mission in life. Everything that happens to us is happening for us. Our personal story and life experiences can inspire and help others. This is the reason that I have created Danceformation – as a way for the modern day woman to have the space and time to heal mind and body, to get away from the stresses of everyday life and connect with themselves in a non-judgmental environment, and dance their way to freedom and transformation”, adds Kate. The workshops incorporate a variety of movement techniques such as yoga dance, contemporary, Turkish and Egyptian belly dance, as well as voice and breathwork, sound healing, body alignment and posture correction, and even expressive writing.

The exercises will help women gain a deeper natural confidence and to overcome fears and personal challenges that life brings us, all in a harmonious way and within a safe space. Age and ability to dance are no barriers as any woman who wants to gain a deeper natural confidence, overcome fears and fight all the personal challenges can attend the workshops of Danceformation. After attending workshops and retreats of Danceformation, one will learn techniques and tools for deep relaxation and stress management.