Kerala Assembly’s Bold Step: Push for ‘Keralam’ Name Reflects Cultural Heritage

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Kerala, 9th August 2023: The Kerala legislative assembly has unanimously approved a resolution, urging the central government to modify the state’s name to ‘Keralam’ in both the Constitution and all official documentation. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan introduced the resolution, which received no proposed amendments from the Opposition.

In his statement, Chief Minister Vijayan emphasized that the state’s name is ‘Keralam’ in the Malayalam language. The states were established based on linguistic lines on November 1, 1956, coinciding with Kerala’s foundation date. The concept of a united Kerala for Malayalam-speaking communities has been prominent since the days of the national freedom movement. However, the current state name is listed as ‘Kerala’ in the Constitution’s First Schedule. The assembly collectively urges the Union Government to promptly initiate a change to ‘Keralam’ by Article 3 of the Constitution. Additionally, the assembly requests that the state’s name be altered to ‘Keralam’ in all languages listed in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution.

The government plans to organize exhibitions showcasing the state’s distinctive resources and cultural heritage, advancements in agro-industrial sectors, achievements in advanced technology, discussions on Kerala’s accomplishments to date, challenges confronted by various sectors, and prospects. These events are scheduled for a week beginning on November 1, Kerala Day, in the current year (2023).

Under the banner of “Keraleeyam 2023,” a diverse array of traditional art forms will be presented, along with a public art exhibition, providing an opportunity for people to enjoy and gain insight into Kerala’s rich cultural legacy.