Know All About OCC, The Brain Of Pune Metro

Know All About OCC, The Brain Of Pune Metro
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Manisha Swain

Pune, 30th August 2022: The Operation Control Centre (OCC) of the Pune Metro Rail Project is now operational at Range Hills Depot. The OCC’s primary function is to handle the day-to-day operations and manage the maintenance of the Metro Rail System. The OCC will respond and take immediate action regarding passenger/public safety issues in the Metro.

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The main hall of the OCC consists of 32 large video screens, arranged in two rows. The security room of the OCC has eight screens installed to monitor CCTVs.


Vinod Agrawal, Director of System and Operations, Maha Metro, said, “There are 50-60 CCTV cameras installed to monitor the metros. The cameras are being monitored by the OCC. Faulty cameras can also be recognised through OCC. We can directly control the security through OCC if the crowd increases by shutting down the platform entry, stopping the ticket counters, etc.” “We are planning to make Wi-Fi available very soon,” he added.

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He further added, “Any type of crime occurring in the metro premises will be solved with the help of the local police.”


To ensure public safety, a help point is available where a person can speak with the Station Controller. If the call is not picked up, it will be directed straight to the OCC.


The functions managed by the OCC staff are:


– Train set and crew management.


– Time table preparation and loading in the system


– Failures and faulty management


– Ensuring availability and functioning of passenger amenities such as announcements and displays


– Security on the metro network


– Ensuring safe running of trains


– Preparation of managerial reports to higher management, etc.


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