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Lalit Kumar

Pune, 29th December 2022: JEE mains will be conducted during the 3rd week of January. After the announcement of the dates, many students are excited and happy because of the clarity in their roadmap. Still, on the other hand, many are going through anxiety because of the short notice and board exams. Balancing board exams with JEE Mains preparation requires focus and strategies for the upcoming month, which vary from student to student. The following points will help gain confidence and develop a robust preparation technique.

1. JEE Mains paper is easier than the general perception and has a score of approximately 80/300 accounts for more than 90 percentile, sufficient to qualify for JEE Mains. Approximately, 35% of students get negative marks, so they are not in the competition.

2. Check the questions of any random previous year JEE Mains paper and identify 20-25 questions (out of 90) which you can handle easily. Overall, 10 questions are straightforward and will fetch you 40 marks in one hour. Apart from these, 15 more questions with high accuracy and a slow speed of eight minutes per question will cross the 93 percentile.

3. I observed a trend in most previous years’ JEE Mains papers. In Maths, a 10th standard level question of height and distance, one-two from statistics, and one from mathematical reasoning are asked. Most of these problems are fundamental school-level problems. Similarly, in Physics one basic Kirchoff’s law and kinematics are asked. Several direct formula-based problems from Modern Physics and Thermodynamics are asked. These topics are relatively easy and have dual importance as they are common in Chemistry and Physics. Similarly, some questions from Bio-chemistry and surface chemistry can be seen in chemistry.

4. JEE is usually a low-scoring exam; hence, students should focus on strengthening their strong topics rather than going for all topics where they are not confident. They should divide the whole subject into three sets. Those topics which are their strength should be included in Set-A. Set-C will consist of a few of those topics which are your weakness and can be ignored for Mains-1. All other topics will be listed in Set-B. Depending on the student, 40% to 70% of topics can be included in Set A, and most of the study time should be invested in these topics. Try to gain some confidence by solving problems of Set-B as well, but do not panic if you cannot do much. While preparing for JEE Mains -2, you can upgrade a few topics from B to A.

5. Usually, many students waste a significant amount of their time by getting anxious with Set-C. Subsequently, they cannot do justice to those topics where they could have scored in the exam. Gradually they lose confidence and spiral down to negativity. In the examination hall, anyway, they are reluctant to work on problems from Set-C.

6. Since 75% in the 12th Board is also a mandatory criterion, make sure you appear for your preboards religiously or at least take sample board tests. When preparing for a board topic, stretch it until JEE mains level before switching over to the next topic. Try to include most of the topics of the 12th standard in Set-A. Even if you are not confident about a few 12th-standard topics, you must at least go through formulas, definitions and previous year board questions.

7. Many low-scoring students usually skip JEE Mains-2. Most of them are either demoralised or have registered in some college through other channels. As the number of low-scoring students decreases, getting a good percentile becomes tougher. For a given score, the percentile in JEE Mains-1 is usually higher than Mains-2. It is a solid reason to attempt JEE Mains-1 with the best possible preparation.

8. One of the best ways of revision is to go through your notes and previously used books.

9. You must take at least two weekly mock tests followed by an analysis.

10. Do not waste time getting into details beyond JEE requirements.

11. It is very important to make a timetable. If you have allocated six hours for a specific topic, stick to the timeline and switch to the next topic after six hours, even when you need more confidence in that topic. There is no limit to the depth, and the timeline can not be compromised.

12. While studying a topic, you should have a razor-sharp focus. Many students wonder about chemistry while studying physics. It affects efficiency.

13. If you find it difficult to focus, change the topic or subject. If nothing works, rejuvenate yourself with some walking/jogging/rope skipping/dancing or just taking a power nap. Despite your genuine efforts, if you cannot execute your planning, make it a little more flexible.

14. For chemistry, NCERT is a very effective book.

15. After waking up, you may do five minutes of meditation and plan your day. Tell yourself, “I don’t care about yesterday, but I will try to extract the maximum from today.” Even if you can increase your effective daily studies by 3.5 hours (2 hours by making it more efficient and 1.5 hours by increasing your study time), you will boost your output by almost 100 hours, which will account for a significant difference in performance.

“I was denied admission to many coaching classes as I was considered unfit for the science stream. I struggled a lot, but continued to work hard with the support of my faculties at Prime Academy,” said Sangram Gaikwad, B. Tech Computer Science from IIT and, more importantly, the department topper!

There are many more cases where students with average or below-average performance during preparation came up with flying colours and cleared IIT JEE with sincere efforts and right IIT JEE preparation strategy.

(Mr. Lalit Kumar, Founder, Prime Academy Pune has mentored more than 3000 IITians in his teaching career of 21 years. He is B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay and has the distinct achievement of becoming one of the youngest author of IEEE publication as he presented his technical paper on ‘Power Distribution and Automation’ in 2001.)

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