Know How To Take Care Of Yourself If You’re Taking Care Of Covid-19 Patient At Home

COVID19 Pune
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New Delhi, 5th May 2021: The second wave of coronavirus has affected millions of people. The number of patients with this virus has increased so much that hospitals are running with their full capacity. The government has said that patients with mild symptoms of corona can treat the disease by staying in isolation at home.

Patients with heart disease can also be treated at home, but the responsibility of caring for them at home falls on other family members. In such cases, it is also important for the healthy people of the family to protect themselves from infection. Protecting yourself from this virus is a bit difficult for people who have a small home. If you are also taking care of the patient at home and spending more time around the patient then we tell you how you can keep yourself safe in this environment.

If you lack space and you are sharing the room with the patient in compulsion, use a face mask all the time. Remember not to touch the mask. When leaving the room, throw the mask in the dustbin of the room and use another mask outside. Keep a distance of six feet from the patient in the room.

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If you have only one bathroom in your house, make a time table. Before using the patient, use the bathroom yourself and then clean the bathroom.

Disinfect the things that the patient touches first. Give the patient tissue paper and gloves and throw them in a separate dustbin.