Kumar Properties provides medical equipment worth R 15 Lakhs for Sassoon Hospital

sassoon hopital
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Pune, April 22: City based real estate firm Kumar Properties has extended support to local administration on various levels in it’s fight against corona virus.


“We feel that it is our duty to support the state and local administration in this difficult situation. We have made a contribution of Rs.11 Lac to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. In addition, we have donated a ventilator to the hospital run by Pune Cantonment Board and have provided medical equipment worth Rs.15 Lac to Sassoon Hospital jointly with ABIL, which could be helpful in plasma treatment of corona affected patients. We have also provided free grocery of one month to about 2500 construction labors”, informed Manish Jain, Chairman and MD, Kumar Properties.


“Now, to acknowledge the outstanding effort of the employees of various departments of Pune Municipal Corporation and Cantonment Boards in the city in keeping the essential services up and running throughout the lock down period, we have made a special audio visual. This audio visual has been shared on social media as a tribute to this outstanding workforce which is working relentlessly to ensure that citizens do not face any inconvenience’, he added.